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Emeril Lagasse Shares a few of his Favorite Recipes

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Make your own Vanilla Extract & Basic Ice Cream Recipes! Good Deal on Vanilla Beans!

Seafood Recipes - Good Basic Stuff!

Beef Cuts & Beef Recipes

Great recipes, nutritional, music and lots of fun!

Easy vegetarian recipes from Chefs.

Foraging with "The Wildman" Steve Brill & Wild Vegetarian Recipes

10 Tips to help you Eat More Fruit

10 Tips to help you Eat More Proteins

10 Tips to a Great Plate (new food pyramid)

Other food pyramids

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Lowest Prices - Truffles, Morels, Porcini, Shitake and Chantrelle Mushrooms, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract & Paste, Saffron, Ginseng Tea & more!

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*AJH* Custom Knives & Services
The home of Massive Master Index of knife making materials, services and suppliers.
A great web site with more than 200 web pages of information, resources.

Professional Knife Repairs & Restoration
Specializing in all types of repairs on fixed blade knives, and pocket knives.

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Culinary Institute of America

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