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Taylor Scales...On Sale!

Taylor scales are the highest quality manufactured.

Our Taylor Guarantee: all Taylor products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, during normal use and service, for as long as you own them. Taylor products exceed the standards for quality required by health departments across the country. With proper care these products will last for many years! These scales are easy to calibrate to zero, simple place a container on top and turn the dial to zero! We have used our stainless steel scales for several years without any problems! We stock the complete line of Taylor products, if you do not see it, please email us!
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Digital gram and ounce SCale

Retail Price $39.00 and up
On Sale $18.95

The Escali Pico digital scale is small, economically priced, and very easy to use. Capacity: 11 lb (5 Kg). Accurate Measuring in Ounces, Pounds, and Grams. Dimensions: 3.75 in. x 4.5 in. x 1.25 in. (13cm x 150cm x 2.9cm). Measures 0.1 ounce or 1 gram increments. Tare feature subtracts the container's weight to obtain the weight of its contents. Compact and portable for easy storage or transport. Automatic shut off feature means long battery life. One 9 volt battery is included. Includes easy to use operations manual. Chef Notes: Fits right in your pocket. We tested 1 gram, 7 grams, 28 grams, 50 grams and 1 ounce, 3 oz., 16 oz., 1 lb, 2 lb and this scale was exact. Choose Color Below...

Pico Scale, Silver

Pico Scale, Green

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Digital Food Scale

Retail Price $130.00 and up
On Sale $ Add to cart

The new 11 lb./ 5 Kg. Taylor digital scale is great for recipes. Large weighing platform. Rubberized buttons. Tare function. Two long life lithium batteries included. Weighs in pound/ounces or kilo/grams. Engineered for consistent accuracy. Measures approx. 8 in. x 10 in. x 3 in.


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Digital Food Scale


The new compact Taylor TE10R digital scale is amazing. Capacity up to 11 lbs / 5 kgs. Precise increment measurements of 0.1oz / 0.1g. Large, easy-to-read LCD readout. Stainless steel platform. Tare, auto off, and low battery indicator features. Operates on 120V adaptor (included) or a 9 volt battery (not included). Moisture-resistant sealed components. Engineered for consistent accuracy. NSF listed.

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Stainless Steel Scale

Product # CDTS16SCALE
Retail $99.50 and up
On Sale - Add to the cart

These are Taylor stainless steel scales, the best scales manufactured. They are perfect for foodservice operations, portioning out meals, baking or following your favorite recipes accurately. The dials are easy to clean and they have built in tare for easy use. Removable SS platform, simple to use and accurate. These scales are the choice of Chefs and Bakers across the country. These are the most accurate and sanitary scales that we have tested. NSF approved for best design and safety. These scales go up to 16 ounce, 32 ounces or 5 lbs. or 25 lbs. or 50 lbs. (your choice)

Product # CDTS16SCALE (16 ounce)


Product # CDTS32SCALE (32 ounce)

Product # CDTS5SCALE (5 pound)


Product # CDTS25SCALE25LB (25 pound)


Product # CDTS50SCALE50LB (50 pound)


These scales are used in Restaurants & Hotels across the USA!

Food Scales

Product # CD3870005TAYLORSCALE11LB
Retail Price $40.00 and up
On Sale $18.99

This is the new 11 lb. Taylor food scale! It features a large dial with bold graphics for exceptional legibility. It also includes a dishwasher safe, break resistant bowl. The stainless steel model below goes up to 22 lbs. Lifetime Warranty!

11 lb. Food Scale (pictured)


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Stainless Steel Thermometer

Retail $29.95 and up
On Sale $14.95 (lowest prices on net)

Our new Digital Thermometer is a great value. Features: Instrument Range: - 40 to + 450 F, - 40 to + 230 C, approved 5 in. (12.7 cm) stem. Waterproof, shatterproof, 1/2 degree accuracy. For thin cuts of meat, fish or poultry, Data hold, Big digits, Stainless steel housing, Recalibratable, On/off switch and auto off feature. Temperature guide on sheath, Sheath can be used as handle extension, Pocket clip, 1.5V Button IEC LR44 Alkaline. 5 year mfr. warranty. Press the ON/OFF button to use the Thermometer. Press the ON/OFF button to turn it off and conserve battery life. The thermometer automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity. Before withdrawing the thermometer from the food, press the HOLD button, this will HOLD the reading until pressed again. Many other features.
Chefs Note: Cooks Illustrated magazine rated this as the best digital thermometer for the price.
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Chef Tested Chef Knives! Very Sharp & Lifetime Warranty!

Featured Video ...

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Some of the items used in the kitchen are New Razor Sharp Chef Knives! Notice, the knife is very sharp and cuts very easily. A sharp knife is required by every Chef and Gourmet cook. These cuts will take you practice to master. Chef is using one of our NSF Stainless Steel Tables!

Madagascar Vanilla Beans


Our Madagascar Vanilla Beans are the highest quality available. They are highly prized by the Pastry Chefs who use them for their wonderful flavor and freshness. They are used extensively by Pastry Chefs and Gourmet Cooks around the world. Congratulations to Team USA, finishing 1st Place in the 2002 World Pastry Chef Championship using our vanilla beans! These Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans (the best variety) are prized for their fragrant strong flavor. Our vanilla beans are very large ( 6 in. - 9 in. long), soft, plump and fresh. Our very Large Gourmet Vanilla Beans
are 100% Completely Organic Grown and PAREVE ~ Kosher certified!
These large soft beans are the best you will ever use and taste. When properly stored, they stay fresh for up to 1 year.
Our beans are the largest and most fragrant select Madagascar beans available, you always get the best at Chef Depot!
Our Pastry Chefs rate them #1! Order yours today!
Here are some Vanilla Bean facts and pictures and recipes!
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Digital Food SCaleDigital Food SCaleDigital Food SCale

Retail Price $49.99 and up
On Sale $23.95

These digital scales are economically priced and very easy to use with its two-button operation. Capacity: 11 Lb or 5 Kg, Measuring units: Ounces and Grams. Dimensions: 8 in. x 6 in.x 1.25 in. (21cm x 15.5cm x 3cm), Resolution of 0.1 ounce or 1 gram increments for accurate measurements. Tare feature subtracts the containers weight to obtain the weight of its contents. Compact and portable for easy storage or transport. Automatic shut-off feature ensures long battery life. Two AA batteries are included. 5 year warranty. Includes easy-to-use operations manual including food codes. Choose from Chrome, White or Black below! Video review is below.

White Scale

Blue Scale $23.95
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Digital Food SCale

Sold out
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Featured Video ...

The guys are weighing out some product on the portable scales. By the way, we repeat our privacy policy ; Chef Depot will not provide, sell or share any information about our customers to any third party. We always respect your privacy. Weigh it out and get cooking today. Click Here for Professional Chef Knives!
Get your knives razor sharp with our sharpening stones! Get a fast edge and maintain your sharp knives with our sharpening steels! Chef is using one of his Favorite NSF Stainless Steel Tables.

Kasumi Dia Cross Nakiri Knife 6 in. blade

Product # CDDC5002-NAKIRI-6IN
Retail $93.95 and up
Promo Sale $73.95 (lowest prices on the net)

This is a new New Kasumi Dia Cross Nakiri Knife. A new fusion knife featuring a no slip pure Stainless Steel Handle with a Molybdenum Vandium Steel Blade. Made in Japan. Blade length 6 inches, 15 centimetres, Full length 28 centimetres, Weight 150 grams. In stock.
Chefs Note: The handle is super comfortable and the blade stays sharp! Comfortable, lightweight and perfectly balanced. Razor sharp, easily re-sharpens with the small wheel sharpener below. Each knife is carefully finished by the hands of skilled craftsmen. You will love this knife! Mfr. Limited Lifetime Warranty!
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Kasumi Dia Cross Nakiri Knife


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Kasumi Knife SharpenerInside view - Kasumi Knife Sharpener

Retail $75.00 and up
On Sale $59.49

This is a new Kasumi Knife Sharpener. It is a handy little sharpener that's necessary to avoid scratching the titanium or polish on any high quality knife. It is easy to use. Simply add a few drops of water to the unit and pull the knife through several times. It features 2 slots, one has a ceramic wheel that turns and one has a diamond wheel that turns. It will sharpen the titanium knives, or any good quality knife blade quickly and easily. It also sharpens ceramic knives by using the diamond wheel only.


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Taylor Weight Sale

Retail Price $69.00 and up
On Sale $24.95

The new Taylor analog bathroom scale is easy to use and very high quality. Easy-view speedometer dial with color-coded Weigh Tracker indicators and stylish injection molded rubberized platform. Heavy-gauge steel construction. 300 lb. capacity. 5 year mfr. warranty. Includes easy-to-use operations manual including food codes.


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Taylors Digital Food Scale

Retail Price $139.00 and up
On Sale $ add to cart

The new compact Taylor TE32FT digital scale is amazing. Capacity up to 2 lb x 0.01 oz / 1 kg x 0.5 g capacity. Measures 5.4 in. x 5.4 with removable stainless steel platform and marine edge. Aprox. 1 in. LCD readout. Tare and hold functions. Auto off and disable auto off feature when powered by batteries. Low battery and overload indicators. Operates on AC adapter (included) or 2 AAA batteries (not included). NSF listed.


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Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer

Retail Price $29.50 and up
On Sale $19.99

This is the candy makers favorite. Perfect for sugar work, candy making, jelly and deep fryers. It has a large heavy duty stainless steel clip that will fit any size pot or pan. The large dial is easy to read and measures in aprox. 3 in. diamater. The range is 100 degree's F - 400 F.
Solid stainless steel construction, this thermometer is dishwasher safe.
NSF approved for safety.

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Red Chef Knife, 10 Inch Blade

Retail $39.99 and up
Our Price $22.99<

This is the Mundial 10 inch Chef knife with a red handle! Made from German Alloy Steel, it is perfect for cutting and chopping! Dishwasher safe and comfortable! Lifetime Warranty. This knife has a thinner stamped blade compared to the thicker forged knives! Click here for other colors!
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The fastest way to sharpen your knife!

Digital Thermometer Special

Retail $29.99 and up
Sale Price $19.90

This Taylor digital thermometer is on sale! It has a temperature range of -40 to 302 degrees F. It comes with 2 extra long life batteries and a pocket sleeve. The large easy to read digital numbers make it easy to use. On sale for a limited time!
Features a 1 year warranty!
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Refrigerator Thermometer

Retail $19.99
On Sale $8.99

This is the best refrigerator / freezer thermometer we have tested!
It has a magnified, east to read clear plastic face. It is shatterproof and is filled with a non toxic liquid. Hangs from a suction cup, attaches to shelf or stands up.
It reads from 40 to 60 degrees F. and is perfect for the refrigerator or freezer.
This refrigerator thermometer is the most accurate and it scored the highest in our tests!
We give you a free Lifetime Warranty on this thermometer!


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Taylor thermocouple Thermometer

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Cucina Mariner Stainless Steel TableCucina Stainless Steel Table

Free Shipping & Great Customer Service!

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7 in. Revolution Ceramic Chef Knife

Retail $99.95 and up

Temporary Sale Price Reduction $69.95

This is the new 7 in. Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Professional Chef Knife, it holds an edge without sharpening. The Revolution series feature an extra hefty black handle and a perfect balance. This is a great ceramic knife, it's very comfortable and easy to use. The weight is about half of steel knives making it comfortable for extended use.
The ultra sharp ceramic blade cuts with precision and accuracy every time maintaining a razor-sharp edge for many years. These knives are made of an advanced, high-tech ceramic, second in hardness only to diamond, it was originally developed for industrial applications where metal components failed.
Chef Notes: These knives are a great choice for Chefs and Gourmet Cooks! Each one of our Revolution knives comes in a beautiful presentation box. We tested several brands of ceramic knives - Here's the results - Kyocera was the only knife sharp enough to meet our demands, the others were too dull or the blades were too thin and brittle. Only Kyocera scored very high in sharpness, quality, workmanship, material and warranty. These knives are a great choice for Chefs and Gourmet Cooks! Ceramics are perfect for slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing meats, garlic, carrots, onions, celery, fruits and more

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Digital Body Fat Scale

Product # CD55714022BODYFATSCALE
Retail $99.00 and up
On Sale $36.50 (lowest price on the net)

This is the new Taylor Body Fat Scale! Simple stand on the unit and it will tell you your body weight and fat level instantly. This scale is now pink and white with a portion of the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
Simple to use, programming prompts guide you through the steps! This scale has a large easy to read digital display. One Year Warranty!
Medical Research indicates that a healthy level of body fat will reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Eat healthy and live longer - this scale will help you achieve your diet goals.
This scale can not be used if you have a pacemaker or other internal device.
Chefs Note: We have tested many different scales and this is one of the best! I lost several pounds and dropped a few percent of body fat after a month of using this scale.


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Chef Depot & John Boos Walnut Blocks


Our John Boos Commercial Walnut Cutting Boards are made to last. The edge grain butcher block construction is amazing! American Walnut Wood has a beautiful rich color. Perfect for daily meal preparation and serving cheese & holiday appetizers! A full 1 1/2 in. thick, these will last for years of daily use. Oiling it with the special blend of oil below, will keep it looking new for many years! Available in 3 sizes below! In Stock for fast shipping.

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FAQ: Cutting Board Care & Maintenance

Poly Cutting Board
List Price $39.99 and up
On Sale $25.75
Product # CD18x12x1/2WHITEPOLYBOARD

This 18 in. x 12 in. x 1/2 in. thick Poly Cutting Board weighs over 4 lbs!
This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs!
It is used by Emeril and other Chefs on TV and in professional kitchens across the USA!
These Poly Cutting Boards are restaurant quality and will last for over 10 years (if used every day).
We use these boards for meats, poultry and fish, they reduce odor transfer. Dishwasher safe.
Many other sizes of Poly Cutting Boards are available here.
Chef Tested Quality = Chef Depot!

Rock Maple Cutting Boards - Our Logo Cuttingboards are On Sale!

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A Chef Instructor reviews the basic knife types and uses. Click Here for Professional Chef Knives!
Get your knives razor sharp with our sharpening stones! Get a fast edge and maintain your sharp knives with our sharpening steels! Chef is using one of his Favorite NSF Stainless Steel Tables.

Haiku 7.5 in. blade Santoku knife

This Haiku 7 1/2 in. Santoku Knife is very high quality. Handmade in Japan, it is used by more Sushi Chefs in Japan and Europe than any other! It is handcrafted in the Japanese tradition from alloy layered steel and iron. The knives are so strong that they come with a lifetime warranty with free replacement! Each piece comes in a beautiful gift box.
Chefs Note: This knife is very nice. The overall size is 11 3/4 in. and it has a nice feel. Great for slicing, dicing, chopping and general food preparation. This knife is perfectly balanced like a Falcon! The blade is sharp and with a few light strokes on a whetstone, it is easily resharpened. You will love this knife! Lifetime Warranty.


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Global Anniversary Knife & Global Knife Reviews
More GLOBAL knives! Click Here!

ABS blue, brown, white, black Ramekins

These are our ABS ramekins, in many sizes and colors. Sold as a set of 12 pieces or more. Basically unbreakable and these are perfect for sauces, appetizers, snacks, custards or molding foods. Price goes down with quantity. These are perfect for serving salad dressing, butter, olive oil and more! Large quantity Discounts are available. Call us or email us today phone 630 739 5200 Or choose from several sizes, Click Here!

Digital Scale


Here's one of the best "Digital Scales" manufactured today. This scale goes up to 10 pounds with 1/100th of an ounce accuracy. Built in Tare setting for time saving. Standard/Metric. Durable and compact for reliable, space saving use. Large, easy-to-read LCD readout. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel platform for easy cleaning. Can switch between lb. and kg. Tare, hold, auto off, and low battery indicator features. Dual powered by either a 120V adaptor (included) or a 9 volt battery (not included) for maximum flexibility. Exclusive, extended tare range up to 50 % of scale capacity. Moisture-resistant sealed components. Engineered for consistent accuracy. NSF listed.
This Digital scales will save you time in the kitchen and bakery!

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