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Here are some Nutrition Ideas and Diets to help people eat and stay healthy! The infomation provided is from various sources and is not intended for everyone. Please consult your physician for more information. We need to shift our mindset away from temporary thoughts that are associated with phrases like: "I'm going on a diet" or "I'm dieting" to permanent lifestyle changes that improve our health. Eating well and exercising 5-7 times a week is not something that overweight people can do for a few months and expect to maintain a healthy weight for life. We encourage people to think about what it takes to be a long term weight loss success story. There's also some great diet related links listed below! Don't forget to bookmark our website!

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Nutrition Information (click the links below)

USDA Food Pyramid

Mediterranean Food Pyramid

Nutrition &  Healthy Diet

Importance of Exercise

Diets & Recipes (submitted from Customers, Dietitians & Chefs)

Atkins Diet

Original Diet

Spa Diet

South Beach Diet

Healthy Gourmet Foods

Vegetarian Diet

Grapefruit Diet

The Freshest Spices Available!

Weight Loss Diet

Couch Potato Diet

Live Longer - Scientific Information

If you have a diet that you would like to share, please email it to us in MS Word. YOU might win a free prize if we add your diet!

Links to Diet, Nutrition, and Eating Right


                     Dietary Guidelines for Americans (Health and Human Services/US Department of Agriculture)

                     Food, Nutrition, and Metabolism (MEDLINEplus)

                     Nutrition (MEDLINEplus)

                     Nutrition (healthfinder)

                     Nutrition (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

                     Nutrition (Health and Human Services)

                     Nutrition Topics (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

                     Diet (healthfinder)

                     Consumer Nutrition and Health Information (Food and Drug Administration)

                     Healthy Eating Tips (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Special Diets:

                     List of Special Diets (National Institutes of Health)

                     Vegetarianism (MEDLINEplus)

Eating Disorders:

                     Eating Disorders (MEDLINEplus)

                     Eating Disorders (healthfinder)

Weight Loss and Obesity:

                     Obesity (MEDLINEplus)

                     Obesity (healthfinder)

                     Obesity/Overweight (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

                     Prescription Medicines for Obesity (National Institutes of Health, NIDDK)

                     Surgery for Severe Obesity (National Institutes of Health, NIDDK)

                     Weight Loss and Dieting (MEDLINEplus)

Seniors and Nutrition:

                     Nutrition for Seniors (MEDLINEplus)

                     Seniors and Nutrition (FirstGov)

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Please consult a doctor before changing your diet or lifestyle.

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