Tea Diet





Recent studies confirm the age-old belief that drinking tea is beneficial to your health.

Medical authorities have declared Green Tea to be a heart tonic, cancer fighter immune system stimulant, fat burner, virus fighter, arthritis curer and a cholesterol detoxifier. Black Tea is also believed to lower stomach, colon and breast cancer.

Recent studies have proven that tea contains EGCG, a compound that belongs to the family of antioxidants this occurs naturally in most teas!


When you drink tea you are killing most of the viruses and bacteria in your mouth (a real cleansing experience)!


This is amazing considering most teas come from the same evergreen shrub!

The main difference in teas is the making of good tea is the growing, picking and curing process of the tea plant and leaves.

Antioxidants in green tea help stimulate the body to burn calories, especially fat.

Researchers recently discovered that chemicals found in tea help immunity against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Ginseng Tea helps to energize and stimulate calorie burning. We take it every morning to stimulated energy and before exercise to help stimulate the burning of extra calories. Order some today, its amazing!


Follow your normal diet and drink plenty of tea! It is good for you and you might live a bit longer!


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Tea also makes a great gift!




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