Hollandaise Sauce





Yield 16 oz. (4-8 servings)





4 lg. Egg Yolks

1 tsp. Warm Water

10 oz. Clarified Butter, melted and warm (80 degrees F.)

1/3 medium size Lemon, juiced

Dash Hot Sauce

Salt & White Pepper, To Taste




Method -

Using a stainless steel bowl and wisk, place the egg yolks in the bowl and add 1 tsp. of warm water. Wisk together quickly and place over a double boiler (or a simmering pot of water). Cook the egg yolks, wisking constantly, removing and returning the bowl over the double boiler until it has a thick consistency. Do not overcook, if it looks like scrambled eggs, start over. The mixture must not be overcooked or undercooked. Turn off the double boiler. Using a 2 ounce ladel, gradually add the melted clarified butter a few drops wisking constantly, until the mixture thickens, add a little lemon juice. Taste and adjust seasonings with salt and white pepper. I like a dash of tabasco sauce to finish it off. To make Bernaise sauce, you need to make a Tarragon reduction, let cool then add to hollandaise. This sauce is usually served at room temperature, it must be held in a warm place, not hot or cold. Therefore, it should be made in small batches!


Chefs Note: This sauce is excellent for vegetables beef and fish!

It is often flavored with fresh Herbs, a little wine and other seasonings.



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