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A famous Chef once said "you cannot cook a recipe perfectly until you have cooked it a thousand times"! This is true - there is no substitute for experience. Every Chef we have interviewed agrees that there is no substitution for experience. Reality Check - Television Cooking Shows are great entertainment for those who like to cook. Back to reality - most TV shows do not portray a real life story. TV, Pictures and video of a Chef cooking a few dishes will not teach you the basic skills need to be a Professional Chef. Culinary Schools around the world are reporting attendance has doubled over the past two years. This can be attributed to the change in the overall economy with many changing careers as well as many younger people taking an interest in the profession. There are many students attending cooking schools who aspire to be Celebrity Chefs! Even the most experienced Chefs agree on this; only a small percentage of graduates from Culinary Schools will end up owning fine dining restaurants or on Television Cooking Shows. TV is good entertainment and can provide insight into the field of foodservice, but dont be misled by the glamour of Hollywood. Working as a Chef you may encounter many obstacles and many long days in a hot kitchen. Being a Chef is not for everyone, it is challenging, difficult and strenuous work but it can be quite rewarding. Cooking schools is a great place to start your career as a Chef but many years experience in different positions will help you become a talented and organized Chef! Learn from your school and the Chef Instructors. Buy the best Chef knives, garnishing tools and cooking equipment that you can afford, this is in investment and you will keep them forever. Goals - Set realistic goals for yourself and work your way up to achieve them. It is better to take your time and move up the ladder than to jump for the top and crash. If your goal is to open a restaurant, we hope you achieve it by building up carefully. Add to the building blocks with a good foundation and it will do well. Learn as much as you can in every position you work. A good leader will know a lot about all of the positions in a foodservice operation. The video below shows a Chef reviewing a Culinary Arts Knife Set. Visit the website for a large variety of sets, or call Chef Depot to customize a set for your program. Chef Depot builds knife kits for many schools and culinary arts programs.

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