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Chef Tested Quality Kitchen Tools...On Sale Now!

High Carbon Steel Alloy Knives made in Germany!

Our knives & sharpeners are the choice of Master Chefs across Europe & the USA!

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John Boos Chef Lite Epicurious Cutting BoardBread Board with handle

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Our new John Boos Chef Lite Cutting Boards are lightweight and dishwasher safe. Buy any 2 "Chef Lite" boards and add the free bonus serrated peeler to your cart! Each cutting board is made from an environmentally friendly natural wood composite laminate. For more than 40 years this has been a surface preferred by chefs in restaurants and commercial kitchens worldwide. With functional designs and exclusive surface properties, these boards are perfect for cutting and elegant enough for serving. Choose from 5 popular sizes below. Features: 1/4 in. thick, will not dull knives, dishwasher safe, nonporous surface prohibits bacteria, temperature resistant up to 350 degrees F. No oiling required.
Chefs Note: Mom has been using one for many years, she puts it in the dishwasher and floats it in the sink! It remains flat and does not crack or split! She loves the light and small size. We supply the unbreakable bread boards to Outback and other Restaurants.

12 in. x 9 in. x 1/4 Chef Lite Board - On Sale .. Click here for Chef Lite Boards!

Mundial Forged Sharpening Steel

Retail $75.00 and up
On Sale $
The new Olivier 10 in. Sharpening Steel is the perfect match for butchering & carving knives. It is forged from German alloy steel with a solid Walnut Wood handle. Lifetime Warranty
Chefs Note: A great Sharpening Steel will help you true the edge of your fine blades! The walnut handle is superb! The large stainless ring makes it easy to hang up for storage!

Click Here for Thermometers.

Mundial Sharpening Steel with Ring

Retail $39.00 and up
On Sale $

This is our White Mundial Sharpening Steel with a large metal ring (hangs from a pot rack or hook). This is a good sharpening steel for general use and honing any quality knife - after using a sharpening stone. The shaft is medium fine and 10 in. long. It is a very good steel for the price!
The handle is a comfortable non slip octagon shape. How to use a Sharpening Steel...

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John Boos Maple Cutting Board

On Sale, add to the cart ... In Stock!
Great for BBQ Turkey, Roasts and is reversible, free shipping over $99.00 in Cont. USA

Our new mini Aujus Cuttingboard is perfect for the backyard BBQ or carving a small roast. This is the cutting board of choice for all the Chefs here at Chef Depot and many other famous Chefs! John Boos custom makes these exclusive cutting boards for us from first quality Solid Rock Maple, 18 inches by 12 inches and over 1 1/2 inches thick. This reversible board is NSF certified and will not dull your knife! With proper care, this Maple board can last for life! Oiling it with Board Cream will keep it looking new (available below). This board is the perfect size for smaller counter tops. Did you know that maple cutting boards naturally kill bacteria?


Add 3 pack of Boos Board Cream (3 pc. 5 oz. tubes)
Sale Price $38.95
New Kitchen Center Islands! Custom sizes are available!

Coca Cola Wall Mount Bottle Opener

Retail $19.99 and up
On Sale $9.95

This is the Coca Cola Wall Mount Bottle Opener.
This is an exact reproduction of the high quality antique opener with screws included. Cast iron, aprox. 3 1/4" tall.
Chefs Note: A timeless classic, perfect for bars and cabinets. Makes a very nice gift! Order now, Limited Supply!


Chefs Electric Knife & Scissor Sharpeners!

Chefs Apron

On Sale $9.95

Our premium professional Chef aprons are lots of fun! One size fits all! Chefs do it with Spice! apron is a heavy cotton poly blend for maximum comfort and durability. Made in the USA! One size fits all!

Chefs do it with Spice! Apron


Great Chefs Kitchen Islands!

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Giesser Tourne  Knife

This is a 2 1/2 inch blade tourne knife. This is what a professional Chef uses to turn or "tourne" vegetables into decorative barrel shapes. It has a very thin curved blade to allow for thin even carving. The knives are made from the highest quality German alloy steel!

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Featured Video ...

A Chef reviews the new black blade Kyocera Ceramic Chef Knife. Notice, the knife is very sharp and cuts very easily. A sharp knife is required by every Chef and Gourmet cook. These cuts will take you practice to master. And black blade Kyocera Ceramic Chef Knives with riveted handles are here. Chef is using one of his NSF Maple Cutting Boards!

DMT Diamond Stone Set of 3 in hardwood box

Retail $175.00 and up
On Sale $

This is our exclusive DMT diamond sharpening set! It is precision manufactured to our exact specifications, right here in the USA. Each set features a Coarse 325 grit diamond stone (Blue), a Fine 600 grit diamond stone (Red) and a Extra Fine 1200 grit diamond stone (Green) each one is aprox. 6 in. x 2 in. in a hardwood box. The Monocrystalline diamonds will not break apart during use. These diamond sharpeners outlast all the competition!
Chef Notes: A perfect gift for someone who has almost everything. This diamond sharpening set will quickly produce a fine razor sharp edge on any good knife, garnishing tools and chisels with four six to six strokes. Add the clips below and get those knives ~ sharper than new! Why not buy the best?


Portable Chef Tables! Click Here!

Whetstone Knife Guides

Retail $15.00 and up
On Sale $9.95

Our exclusive knife guides fit onto most any knife and work with any stone to give you a fast precise 15 degree sharpening angle.
Set of 2, large and small.
Chefs Note: These little clips are plastic lined stainless steel and they will help you sharpen correctly. Made in Japan!


Click here for Portable Butcher Blocks!

Featured Video ...

Chef is sharpening a high quality Japanese Chef knife. These knives are handmade in Japan!
Chef is using one of his favorite DMT sharpening stones on a NSF Stainless Steel Bistro Tables! Made in USA. NSF Cutting Boards are here! Made in USA. Knife clips are above!
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Giesser knives are preferred by more Chefs in Europe!
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