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Tradition is such an important part of Italian cooking. The food I prepare is imbued with the memories of wonderful Batali family dinners, usually on Sunday, when we would all gather around my grandmother's table. These wonderful meals were always served in heaping portions straight from the pot with equal parts food and love. I love these Italian Essentials Pots because it continues the tradition of these great dinners. Made of sturdy cast iron and finished with enamel, this beautiful pot - which I expect to hand down to my children - is not only the perfect vessel for cooking a hearty stew or soup, but also makes a wonderful centerpiece when presented at the table. I made dinner in this pot when I had one of the country's most famous chef's over to dinner. It was such a treat to see his eyes widen when he saw the pot. Of course, when I was invited over to his house for dinner recently, it was very easy to choose a present. The only question was whether he would prefer persimmon, espresso or crema! Part of the great Italian cooking tradition is handing down heirloom pieces from generation to generation. The Italian Cooking Essentials will immediately take their place in this wonderful tradition. Made of sturdy cast iron for even cooking and superb heat retention, finished with a beautiful porcelain enamel, these pieces are necessities in any kitchen and will be delighting cooks and guests for generations to come! With each order, comes a sampling of wonderful Italian recipes from my new cookbook "Molto Italiano". Soon you will be thrilling your company with Short Ribs in Barolo or Chicken in the Style of Canzano.

Buon appetito, Mario Batali

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