French Fries



Recipe by Chef Edward




No. 1 Idaho Russet Potatoes (we use 70 to 90 count, this equals 70 to 90 pieces per case)

French Fry oil of choice (canola, soy, cottonseed, peanut or specific brand of product for high temp frying)

Sea Salt as needed



Method; Wash the Idaho Potatoes, scrub them with a stiff brush, do not peel. Preheat fryer to 315 degrees F. I like to wear disposable latex gloves during preparation. If your potatoes are very big, cut them in half using a Chef Knife. Slice potatoes full length using our Wall Mounted French Fry Potato Cutter. Smaller french fry cutters also work well. We suggest putting a bucket or large stainless steel mixing bowl underneath the cutter and let gravity do its work! Cook immediately, or cover with water until ready to use. In a hot Deep Fryer, set at 315 degrees F., fry potatoes for approximately 1 1/2 minutes in the hot oil. Lift the fryer basket and shake well, at this point you can do 2 things; 1. hold the semi-fried potatoes to cook to order. OR 2. Place on paper towel or cardboard lined sheet pans, on a speed rack and let drain until you need them (they can be put in refrigerator or freezer). Again drop potatoes into the oil and fry at 375 degrees F. approximately 2 more minutes or until golden brown. Drain on a cooling rack then lightly sprinkle with Sea Salt! For restaurant preparation, you can hold them for a short time. Place under heat lamp to stay hot, use a French fry scoop to quickly portion them.



Chefs Note: Our Sea Salt, spices and pepper are the freshest available! Grab the Heinz Ketchup! There are many other additions that can be used to make a spicy dipping sauce for French fries! Spinach powder, Smoked Paprika, Artichoke powder, Cajun Spices, Saffron and Chipolte powder are just a few. Have fun and enjoy the healthy treat of Fresh French Fries!





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