Bechamel Sauce




Yield - 20 oz.





2 C. Milk

2 oz. Onion, wedge cut

1 pc. Clove, whole

1 pc. Bay Leaf

1 Pinch Nutmeg (whole nutmeg is best)

Salt & White Pepper, To Taste

White Roux, As Needed



Method -

In a saucepan scald the milk, remove from heat. In another saucepan combine the hot milk with a little roux and wisk it together, add the remaining seasonings and bring to a simmer. Add roux until the sauce has a medium thick consistency and can easily coat a spoon.

Strain the sauce through a chinoise strainer. This strainer will make the sauce very smooth. Taste and adjust seasonings with salt and white pepper. Cover the sauce and keep hot on a double boiler until need or cool off and refrigerate.


Chefs Note: This sauce is used to make Mornay sauce, Mustard sauce, Cheddar Cheese sauce, Vegetable and Seafood sauces.



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